Lotus Leadership Institute (LLI) was founded in 2008 by a group of leadership professionals working on their doctoral degrees. They realized that the academic sector was discovering innovative approaches to leadership development and improvement, but these new insights, methods, and perspectives were essentially untapped—available in research journals and classrooms, but not available to help the very people who were practicing leadership in the “real” world who needed them most.

Drawing upon their years of experience in the public sector, the team recognized that business, education, and non-profit organizations were filled with over-simplified perspectives of leadership—leadership development programs with generic and dated methodology and business consulting and team building approaches that were linear and limited in scope. This discovery led to the creation of a solutions-based leadership development and consulting firm that bridges the gap between academic theory and applied organizational practice: Lotus Leadership Institute.

The Difference

We deliver uncommon value by providing customized, personal service, inspired by academic integrity and supported by the latest actionable research.

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At the heart of all Lotus Leadership Institute services is a commitment to developing people’s capacity for effective leadership through purpose-based consultation and training

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