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If another minute has elapsed, that means the latest “hot” corporate leadership program must be on the market. Instead of chasing the next turnkey leadership development program that will yield disappointing results, consider Lotus Leadership Institute and a more in-depth approach that brings together innovative research from some of the top academic institutions with proven techniques from some of America’s top business minds.

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  • Organizations in transition, whether resulting from new leadership, a merger or acquisition, or just adaptation to stay competitive in the changing marketplace
  • Stagnant organizations that have tried many management development and team building processes and received only disappointing results
  • The next generation of leaders preparing to take the reins
  • C-level and mid-level executives seeking improved organizational effectiveness or pursuing higher personal leadership goals
  • Organizations in conflict due to gender issues, departmental culture clashes, or other disruptive internal and external forces
  • Teams on a mission for greater cohesion and teamwork, development of shared values and shared accountability

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