The Lotus Leadership Institute was founded on a three-part mission that drives the purpose and vision of the company.

Equally committed to each mission, Lotus Leadership strives to assist organizations and individuals to exercise leadership during times of transition, as well focusing on increasing women’s capacity for leadership and improving the gender dynamic in groups and organizations through the following three purposes:

Service Purpose Statement

To increase an organization’s capacity to exercise leadership by focusing on organizational development, adult development, the influences of authority dynamics, and the transitional process. To assist groups and individuals through complex times of transition and help people work toward lasting positive change while acheiving results. To improve the leadership capacity of girls and women.

Research Purpose Statement

To continue our understanding of the complex social forces that impact the individual and organizational experience with leadership, authority, and group processes, specifically during the transitional process, through disciplined and rigorous academic research.

Social Purpose Statement:

To provide our services to girls and women who would otherwise be denied access to high-level development programs. And to operate in a way that progressively improves the leadership capacity of people in need.

The Difference

We deliver uncommon value by providing customized, personal service, inspired by academic integrity and supported by the latest actionable research.

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At the heart of all Lotus Leadership Institute services is a commitment to developing people’s capacity for effective leadership through purpose-based consultation and training

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