Team / Group Coaching

We see it every day in the sports and business world: organizations that consistently underachieve and fail to live up to expectations, even though they have highly talented, well paid individuals, and solid resources. Often the leaders of these organizations are accomplished people with tremendous skills, but they lack insight, understanding and training on some key leadership and team-building principles and interpersonal dynamics that can unleash their team’s potential.

Team / Group Coaching is one of the great strengths of Lotus Leadership Institute, benefiting organizations by:

  • Improving processes that increase cooperation, coordination, productivity and overall teamwork
  • Better managing and resolving conflict and improving team cohesion through serious team-building efforts
  • Uncovering or restoring team “chemistry” by showing individuals how to bond and work together for a shared purpose
  • Resolving leadership challenges so that leaders can be effective and can concentrate more on success strategies and less on personality conflicts
  • Facilitating effective interpersonal relations that can lead to improved gender dynamics, generational dynamics, and cultural dynamics that include racial and ethical challenges


From General and Advanced Courses, Special Topic Series, Concentrated Program Series, and our LLI Leadership Certification, we provide some of the most robust educational programs available.

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