At the heart of all Lotus Leadership Institute services is a commitment to developing people’s capacity for effective leadership through purpose-based consultation (personal and business consulting) and training. We help you tackle the issues most relevant and critical in today’s complex world, and particularly during times of transition.

Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching offers executives the opportunity to receive one-on-one leadership development training from business professionals who hold doctoral degrees in Organizational Leadership. Learn More

Team / Group Coaching

Leaders of teams, groups and organizations can maximize their team’s potential if they dedicate themselves to gaining insight and understanding about group dynamics and processes in order to develop their team to achieve. Learn More

Leadership & Organizational Consulting

We specialize in purpose-based consulting, an approach to organizational effectiveness that focuses on facilitating change, creating innovative solutions, and establishing a lasting culture of ongoing learning and leadership development. Learn More


Our professionals are certified in a multitude of assessments designed for people who lead, manage, or influence others and who are ready to significantly advance their development. Learn More

Board Retreats

Make the most of your Board or Administrative Retreat by teaming with Lotus Leadership Institute professionals. Learn More

Speaker’s Bureau

The highly educated, highly trained experts of Lotus Leadership Institute welcome the opportunity to share their insights and experience with you and your group. Learn More

Seminars, Workshops & Conferences

Our seminars, workshops, and conferences are designed to bridge theory with application, giving you the opportunity to both learn about and practice numerous important skills. Learn More