The Difference

When comparing vendors who offer management development or business consulting leadership-focused services, it’s easy to get lost in a confusing combination of buzzwords and theories that often accompan, making it difficult to discern true differences that can you help you determine the most effective way to invest in leadership development.

Lotus Leadership Institute sets itself apart in large part due to the following critical differentiating factors:

Foundation in Research

Besides offering an effective suite of applied strategies and techniques tailored for our clients’ unique needs, we also are deeply connected to some of the most significant academic research on leadership development (women’s leadership, sports leadership, youth leadership, etc.) taking place at outstanding institutions of higher learning. Our staff of doctoral level professionals interweave this little known but extremely valuable research throughout our leadership development programs and services while maintaining industry-competitive pricing.

Commitment to Comprehensive, Ongoing Partnerships

Although we offer business consulting services related to leadership, we are not a consulting company. Business consultation is just one part of our comprehensive approach. Our full-picture perspective, based on modern research, delves into leadership at the individual and organizational levels, but also examines leadership development as a system of interconnected factors and influences. Our staff is passionate about helping our clients develop long-term plans and sustained patterns for leadership success, and we conduct regular check-in sessions and keep lines of communication flowing. In other words, we don’t just offer advice, we model behavior.

Belief in Transformation

We believe strongly that for one to develop as a leader, one must develop the self. So we connect in a very personal way with our clients to guide them through the transformative process that brings about greater capacity for leadership. The model below illustrates the integrated factors that lead to change driven by shared purpose.


From General and Advanced Courses, Special Topic Series, Concentrated Program Series, and our LLI Leadership Certification, we provide some of the most robust educational programs available.

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Course Catalog

We offer an extensive selection of courses designed to be engaging, inspiring, challenging and transformin

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