Social Responsibility

The universally transformative idea of giving to people who are less fortunate is a driving force in our firm and one of our core values. Everyone is impacted by authority dynamics and life’s transitions—one of the reasons leadership development is critical for all people, regardless of their place on the socio-economic spectrum.

We seek out ways to integrate socially responsible actions into our business plans and currently demonstrate our commitment through the following:

  • Pro bono work and reduced fees for public education leadership programs, youth leadership programs and other worthy endeavors
  • Funding for attendance at workshops and events for low-income girls and women
  • Career planning and guidance for girls in the foster care system
  • Authority development and education development for victims of domestic violence

The Difference

We deliver uncommon value by providing customized, personal service, inspired by academic integrity and supported by the latest actionable research.

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At the heart of all Lotus Leadership Institute services is a commitment to developing people’s capacity for effective leadership through purpose-based consultation and training

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