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The American education sector is in crisis. Budget cuts, standardized testing, underprepared students, and demographic variability are creating challenges that education has not seen in the past. Leadership is clearly needed, but are education leaders being developed who are capable of taking on these most important challenges? The non-profit sector faces its own unique hurdles during these unsettled economic times. Lotus Leadership Institute has been involved with research that addresses the root causes of our education leadership and non-profit leadership woes and is proud to partner with these most important institutions to create more effective solutions.

We Can Help

  • Newly appointed education administrators who come straight from the classroom
  • New board members brought on for their connections or fundraising skills who may lack leadership experience
  • Administrators become positive change agents and meet the responsibilities of their mission, as budgets and resources decrease and pressures increase
  • Those dealing with difficult authority figures learn to bring people together and work toward a shared vision
  • Schools, teachers and parent associations through our specialized courses and programs

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