LLI Leadership Certification

The latest strategies and techniques related to advanced leadership will be covered during this comprehensive, in-depth leadership development program. Graduates of the three-tiered leadership program will receive a Leadership Certification showing their mastery of leadership practice, theory, and development processes.


  • Three tiers of learning—individual, organizational, systemic—provide participants multiple perspectives of leadership, beginning with an understanding of self and evolving through an analysis of social, cultural, psychological and structural factors
  • Each tier consists of 45 hours of total course work; courses range from 6–12 hours each
  • Five courses comprise the three tiers; completion of each tier is achieved by demonstrating core competencies and is required to progress to the next tier
  • Individual assessments included, using The Leadership Circle 360-Degree and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator tools

For a complete description of all of the leadership development courses offered please see the Course Catalogue

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At the heart of all Lotus Leadership Institute services is a commitment to developing people’s capacity for effective leadership through purpose-based consultation and training.

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