Women’s Leadership

We believe strongly in the leadership capacity of all women—from those in entry level positions with aspirations of advancement to experienced executives and directors. However, unique workplace challenges, including systemic constraints and limiting attitudes, make progressing into and excelling in positions of authority difficult. Lotus Leadership Institute can help and is proud to be an effective partner for women’s leadership for organizations seeking to maximize the opportunities and contributions of their female employees, and women seeking to fulfill their workplace potential.

We Can Help

  • Real and imagined barriers to advancement
  • Repercussions of the attitude that leadership aligns better with masculinity and not femininity
  • Cultural issues related to the roles of women
  • Balancing careers and family life
  • Counter social gender norms that prevent women from “power talk”
  • Developing positive attitudes for girls and young women
  • Issues regarding ageism and sexism
  • Generational issues related to technology and other key factors that affect the workplace

Women’s Leadership Development Series

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