Board Retreats

Make the most of your Board or Administrative Retreat by teaming with Lotus Leadership Institute professionals. Our team of trained professionals will meet with you and key members of your group, working with you to determine a vision, purpose and agenda for your retreat. With engaging activities that will challenge your members to think and act like a leader, you retreat will inspire leadership development and help you maximize your investment in “leadership capital.” We don’t merely offer superficial consultation, we roll up our sleeves and interact with your team members to do the difficult work necessary to resolve conflict and move toward lasting improvement that includes greater long-term teamwork and leadership.

Following are sample activities we tackle through our board retreat services:

  • Developing or editing a mission, vision, and strategic plan
  • Creating goals and a plan for accountability
  • Increasing teamwork and group cohesion
  • Improving interpersonal relations
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Working through tension and conflict—issues that limit your success
  • Engaging and challenging participants to improve their efficiency and productivity

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From General and Advanced Courses, Special Topic Series, Concentrated Program Series, and our LLI Leadership Certification, we provide some of the most robust educational programs available.

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