Being “Fit To Lead”

I’m training to get back in shape after the birth of my fourth child. Along with several friends and family members, we are trying to eat healthy and work out hard. But achieving optimum fitness and health takes time, commitment and consistency, and can be quite difficult with a busy schedule of work and family. There is no miracle pill or quick-fix diet that will do the trick—yet many people will try the latest fads hoping for an easy solution. Getting a better body and improving your fitness level requires energy and attention. The same is true with being a better leader and improving your ability to exercise leadership.

That’s why the term exercise leadership is so appropriate—Leadership is an exercise that takes practice and training. And just like the exercise that we do to keep fit and healthy—to really increase your leadership ability, you have to be committed and consistent. This doesn’t mean that you have to register for expensive workshops and conferences all the time; you can have a program that includes reading, journaling, and reflecting on situations. You can have a community of colleagues where you talk about specific cases, experiences, or decisions, and actively attempt to continue your leadership program, just as you would to your workout program.

When is the last time you’ve dedicated time to making your self a better leader? How long as it been since you have set personal and professional goals and established an action plan to make those goals your reality? My guess is that it’s been too long. It’s time to being your work plan to improve your ability to exercise leadership!

So, get up off that couch and get going! Make yourself FIT TO LEAD!


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