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A Women and Leadership Tension

With March being women’s history month, we always get an influx of “alerts” on issues of women’s leadership. The verdict is still mixed: some stories claim how far women have come and others cite the low numbers and lack of … Continue reading

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Through The Labyrinth: A Better Reflection Of Women’s Experience.

Women’s experience in organizations and business has long been described as a glass ceiling-that invisible barrier to women’s advancement. Leadership scholars Alice Eagly and Linda Carli have suggested a different metaphor for understanding women and leadership: a labyrinth. Women’s journey … Continue reading

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Being “Fit To Lead”

I’m training to get back in shape after the birth of my fourth child. Along with several friends and family members, we are trying to eat healthy and work out hard. But achieving optimum fitness and health takes time, commitment … Continue reading

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Leadership vs Authority—Why Such Confusion?

It is always interesting for me to hear how everyone talks about the authority role as the “leader”; referring to the  CEO as the “leader” of the company, or the Governor as the “leader” of the state. In essence, we … Continue reading

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