Sacred in the Ordinary

As you enter the last month of 2011, we challenge you to appreciate the “sacred in the ordinary.” Oprah talks about how those little ordinary moments are actually extraordinary if you come at them with the right frame of mind—a frame of mind that is grateful for the present moment you find yourself in.

Instead of looking at your pile of dirty dishes with loathing and dread, appreciate the fact that those dirty dishes reflect a meal you and your family just enjoyed—that you are not one of the millions of people who don’t have food for themselves or for their family.

Instead of moaning and groaning, annoyed when that alarm clock goes off at 6:00am, stretch your legs, point your toes, slowly become aware of the muscles in your body as you get up out of bed, thankful that you are able to feel and move your legs, unlike the many quad-and paraplegics who live their lives in a wheel chair.

When you’ve had just about enough of your kids yelling through the house, or arguing back and forth as they tease each other, listen to the vibrancy of their voices and relish in the fact that your children are spirited and strong—that you are not sitting in silence in a children’s hospital room waiting for the oncologist to give you an update.

When your boss gives you grief, yet again, over someone else’s mistake and you want to do is tell her to “shove it,” most likely with some other words, be thankful that you actually have a job and that your boss thinks highly enough of you to want to hold you accountable for high quality work.

It’s those ordinary moments that come and go so often in our lives, yet we fail to appreciate the blessings that the ordinary actually bestows on us. At Lotus we know leadership development is directly related to our own adult development; to our ability to slow down and reflect, to recognize the small signs life provides, and to connect with others in meaningful ways. We challenge you to live out 2011 in this way—appreciating the sacred in the ordinary and living out leadership by living a Lotus Life.

Happy Holidays

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